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The Somme 1916 Museum is in partnership with the Albert School Hotel (School group accommodation). We offer the possibility to visit with special price discounts.

To seek further information, please contact the School Hotel

Our museum is only less than 400 metres away from the hotel, right by the Basilica. 


Adult: 5.30€ instead of 5.50€

Scholars: 3.20€ instead of 3.40€





Parc d’Activités Henry Potez

80300 ALBERT

Ph. +33 3 22 75 52 52   fax. +33 3 22 74 54 54

h6234@accor com

Open all year

Hotel: 57 rooms, 130 people capacity.

Menus: from 9 € to 14.30 €   Breakfast: 9 €. Children’smenu: 5.90 €

(Restaurant open to all from 6pm to 11pm)

Rooms: from 82€ to 90€ depending on season

Wheelchair access, private car park, animal are accepted: 5€ supplementary per animal, English spoken, Internet access. 


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