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Our shop, just like our museum, has been upgraded, with more space and a higher standard customer area at your service.


The shop is accessible from the Albert public gardens for everyone, or after having visited our Somme 1916 Museum… here you will not just find a traditional range of postcards, magnets and key rings…

We have a unique range themed upon the “Poppy”. Here you may find a whole range of poppy food products, the flower which symbolizes the British Remembrance:

Teas, sweets, marshmallows, meringues, sugar, cordial, lemonade, nougats and lollypops.   

Also low prices on a large range of mugs, pens, flags, lighters, table utensils, miniature models etc..

Some English and French books.

A range of products which accords with the atmosphere held in this area. There is truly something for everyone, family, and friends or for you.



-          French Infantryman vintage wine available (cuvée du Poilu) in 750ml or magnum

-          Collection souvenir coins (still under preparation)


      For the savvy collector, there is multitude of militaria object (bayonets, trench art bomb shells, lighters, helmets, badges…) waiting for you to take home a small piece of history. 



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