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French, German but mostly British. Made in glass or in clay, they are of different sizes, shape and colour and are decorated with different designs and writing. This collection is made of limonade bottles, sauces bottles, condiments, alchool, cosmetic creme, poison, chicory, kitchen stock, Ricqles, holly water, etc...but also ink bottles and glasses. We even have a rare object ! : a bottle of « Chateau Ausone – St Emilion » dating from 1917 still full and with its cork !




9h / 18h


From the 23 january until mid-December


Last entry into the museum is 1/2 hour before closure.






Adults        6.50€

Children     4€ (free for children under 6 years)  


GROUPS   (10 persons and more)


Entrance and self guided visit of the museum

Adults       5.50€ (with 1 adult free for every 25 adults and free for the bus driver)

Children    3.40€ (with 1 adult free for every 10 children and free for the bus driver )


Entrance + guided visit of the museum

Adults      5.50€ (with 1 adult free for every 25 adults and free for the bus driver) + 50€ to have 1 hour guided visit for 25 persons 

Children   3.40€ (with 1 adult free for every 10 children and free for the bus driver) + 50€ to have a guide with the group in the museum + a weaponry demonstration (30 min)


Guided battlefields tour:

Booking your visit of the battlefields now (click here)



The Centenary period will bring many groups to the Museum.


Individual visitors may find the Museum less crowded:

- During the week between 12:00 and 14:00 and between 15:00 and 18:00

- Wenesdays

- Weekends

These recommendations will not prevent you from visiting the Museum at any other time.

For further  informations, call us. 


The museum is located at the base of the Basilica, Notre Dame de Brebiere, at the heart of the town square. 

Beautifully situated, right in the heart of the Somme Battlefields, you are also just: 

- 45 mintues from Arras

- 1 hour from Lille

- 1h15 from Roissy Charles de Gaulles airport

- 1 hour and 45 minutes from Paris

- 1 hour 30 from Ypres in Belgique

- 1 hour from the Somme Bay

- 30 minutes from Amiens

- 25 minutes from the TGV Haute Picardie train station

- 10 minutes from Haute Picardie airport


Enough for you to prepare a trip of a few days. 

The town allows for bus and car parks, near the train station (5 min on foot from the town centre). 





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