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It is partly thanks to your donations that the Museum remains a memory ...
Thank you.



10/02/2016 : donation from M. Jean-claude Bellencontre (80 Boves)

This helmet belonged to his great-father, helmet found in the Family home attic in Normandy.

25/03/16 : Donation from M. Xavier Colson (80132 MAREUIL CAUBERT)

A Michelin guide

Avril 2016 : Donations from Annick Jaspard (59650 Villeneuve d'Ascq) 
-Emile Levecque died on the 17th sept 1985 in Tourcoing (he took part in the 2 wars),he receives a certificate for good behaviour and a diploma for the 60th anniversary of the battle of Verdun delivered by the "Anciens combattants".
- Then a "diplôme d'honneur" handed to the famillies « Mort pour la France » at the attention of Cyrille Levecque brother of Emile Levecque and an inkwell in the shape of an adrian helmet.

5/05/16 : Donations from Mrs Coffinot born Herment

 photos, cards... of a grandfather (on her father's side) who died for his country (76350 Oissel)
- Wedding photos (Family)
- Wedding photos (portraits)
- Wedding menu
- photo of her grand-mother next to her grand-father

Leaflet « Souvenez-vous dans vos prières »
- Post cards  military cemetery before and after Fr Albert
- Post card of monument for the fallen in Albert
- Post card of the basilica (inside)
- Post card Longueval
- Post card Lihons

30/05/16 : Donation of Mrs Tessier Michèle (76370 Neuville les dieppe)

a painting which used to belong to her great uncle. He did the embroideries himself whilst he was a prisoner until 1919

16/06/16 : Donation of Mr and Mrs Prigent Jean Alain (91550 Paray Vieille Poste)

- 2 little engraved German shell cases 65mm : (Belgium14-15 & Somme 1916)
- 1 engraved French shellcase 75mm, shaped into a vase + candle holder « Guerre 14-18 »
- 1 German shell case,  77mm with ivy and floiwers

Juin 2016 : Donation of Mrs Beaussart born Sename Chantal

(blankett from her grand-father Omer Sename) dating from 1915 (59000 Lille). 

Juillet 2016 : Unknown donor

a pair of graiters

17/08/16 : Donations of Mrs Acloque Françoise (80260 CARDONNETTE)

14 postcards written in 1914 by her great grandfather Jean-Baptiste Oselle and adressed to his daughter who was then 11 years old and printed sheet of paper (inter Arma Caritas; Societe française de secours aux blesses militaries) belonging to Mrs Letouvet, nurse in the Somme

27/08/16 : Donation of M Camacho Alex

a box with a cross inside, Apparently this box belonged to a soldier in the Great War (80000 Amiens).

Don 2016 : Donation of Mr Falize philippe (80300 Albert)

2 british shell cases : Ladies Adrian helmet and bonnet + 2 decorated cups.

09/2016 : Photocopy of Louis Bord's dairy veteran of the Somme and the Middle East

09/2016 : Donation of a Newzeader Maon

 Private Pita Pari Tiatoa

24/09/16 : Donation of M. Camacho Alex (80000 Amiens)

a prayer book belonging to a prisoner and a bible (Used by the diocese of Verdun).

30/09/16 : Donation of M. Robida Frédéric (95410 Groslay)
6 Képis (1 red + 5 blue), - 1 red cap, - 1 blue beret (marine), - 4 and half pair of epaulette, - 2 red pants.

20/10/2016 : Donation of Frances Lawrence

dessin de la basilique d'Albert avec la vierge penchée (dessin signé par Marcel Augis), Ce dessin appartenait à son père Frederick Timbrey.

7/11/2016 : Donation from David Burrows

copy of his gradfather's drawings Noel Whittles bellonging to the regiment « The Lancashire Fusiliers », drawing of trenches in La Boisselle, Aveluy and Thiepval in 1915/17. and dating from his passage in Albert in 1915/1916

9/11/16 : Donation from Dominique and Sandra Noblet

a complete and original photo album Album




30/04/15 : Donation from M. Gaube Arthur (80100 Abbeville)

 2 shelles cases « souvenir de Dormans » 1914-1919 war.  

30/04/15 : Donation from M. and Mrs Jacques Delmail (80110 Moreuil) 

Boîte en métal Boîte seringue + 4 aiguillesBoîte seringue +  1 aiguilleGarrot avec boîte14 lames vierges pour microscopeStéthoscope

+ Donation brouth by M. Delmail and belonging M. Wouters 

16/05/15 : Donation of an adjustable wrench (unknown donor)

05/15 : Donation from Collie Seniar High School W. Australia

31/07/15 : Donation from Mrs Claudine Micheau (80000 Amiens) belonged to her father Licciardie François :

1 medal1 service record booklet1 postal card of verdun carte, 1 citation from Marocco53 postal cards + 2 photos of Adolphe Hitler 

18/08/15 : Donation from Annie Decocq (89560 TAINGY)

 2 embroidered handkerchiefs of a soldier who was held prisoner with her grand-father + 1 photo of a grand-father Maurice Decocq.

27/09/15 : Donation from Pierrot son of Bougnat (Nord Aveyron) given during the "culture shows" from Paris.

Embroidered postal cards « Bonne Année ». 

10/2015 : 2 photos « L’illustration » of the battlefields

2015 : donated by the "Union des Grandes Associations de France"

Diplôme d’honneur given to families « Mort pour la France » 14-19 Blondeau Zénobe

2015 : Diplôme Médaille Militaire belonging to M.Salfort Georges, stretcher bear with the 73eRI.

2015 : Certificate « Hommage de la Nation, in the memory of Sageot Marceau » 51e RI, who died on the 26th june 1915.

11/2015 : Donation from Mrs Leclercq-Trouble, his grand-daughter

Crutches belonging to Jean Hennebelle, wounded in 1915, two photos of him taken in Val-de-grâce in 1915.   

12/2015 : Donation from Auke A. de Jong (Zwartteweg 2 9261 XS Eastermar)

Medical chair from M.Dupont & wheelchair Fig 177 automoteur.  

18/12/15 Donation from abbé Joël Dulin - in Albert 

Grimaux Charles Brigadier from 116e , citation à l’ordre de l’Armée with medals. 

Donantion from M. Bellencentre

1 french helmet





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